Pet photography

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Pet photography – this is my absolute favourite! Why? Because they’re both easy and challenging to photograph. The challenge lies in trying to get their attention or shooting the perfect shot before they’ve decided they’ve had enough and leave. The easy part lies in their beauty. Their eyes show their souls and I’ve found it impossible to take a bad photo – even the bloopers are perfect. The best part is they don’t criticise themselves, they don’t see faults in themselves, and they don’t wish to be someone they’re not – Animals are quirky, unique, majestic, goofy and perfect.

Before you book a session with a pet photographer, make sure you ask these questions:

  • Will you force my pet to pose, or do try to capture natural poses?
  • Can you work in different types of lighting – indoors, uneven lighting, outside, golden hour, studio?
  • Are you able to photograph dogs, cats, and other furry animals?
  • Are you comfortable taking action photos and trying out different angles?
  • Do you have a professional camera?
  • Do you love dogs, cats, and all other animals?

You want to book a photographer who is passionate about pet photography, loves taking pet photos, and is willing to get at the pet’s eye level to capture the moment. I have a home (and heart) filled with furbabies. I know each one has their own unique personality and I will have the patience to get to know yours.

Beyond just snapshots, pet photography sessions give you an opportunity to create lasting memories with your fur friend. I’d love to meet and photograph your furbabies – get in touch with me.

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