Corporate portraits

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Just as product photography helps persuade online shoppers to make a purchase, professionally shot corporate portraits can play a crucial role in building trust and making meaningful connections – after all, first impressions count. According to a study on facial features published by the Cognition And Emotion Journal, people tend to decide to trust someone within 100 milliseconds of seeing their face.

Why professional corporate portraits matter

There are several reasons you should have your corporate portraits taken professionally. Here are three:

It conveys professionalism

It doesn’t matter what service or product your business offers – you want to come across as professional. Having your corporate portraits taken professionally, shows your commitment to your brand and business. Plus, when you look professional, potential clients (and future employees) are more likely to engage with you and put their trust in you.

It shows personality

While you might want your team’s headshots to look professional, you always want them to highlight your brand personality. Once again, this is important when it comes to first impressions. If you own a restaurant, for example, it might be a good idea to have photos taken on location and in situ – your chefs working in the kitchen, rather than standing in front of a boring background. A professional photographer knows how to guide you in terms of how to pose, what to wear and where to stand to best convey your brand.

It maintains relevance

Staying relevant in a constantly evolving digital age is important – and updated portraits are one way you can achieve this. Plus, if a customer comes in to meet you or your team in person, chances are they’d like to see the same face they’re seeing online rather than someone from 20 years ago or whose face has been hectically Photoshopped.

Whether you’re looking to update your company’s website or refresh your LinkedIn profiles, I can help you put your best face forward – get in touch today.
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